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Image of The Point building in Milton Keynes. On Point SEO brand inspiration for SEO services in Milton Keynes.


Rising above Milton Keynes like a red, mirrored ziggurat, The Point has been a landmark and hub of entertainment for nearly four decades. Here are a few key facts from yesteryear:

Opened as the UK’s first true multiplex cinema, boasting 10 screens and groundbreaking technology.

Designed by Building Design Partnership, inspired by avant-garde architects, it became an instant icon.

More than just a cinema, it housed a games arcade, bingo hall, and nightclub, a vibrant destination for all ages.

The Point thrived, attracting crowds and becoming a beloved part of Milton Keynes’ social fabric.

Founder of On Point SEO, Stu Young, frequented The Point as a youngster and has fond memories of the iconic structure. From first-ever cinema experiences to first dates with his wife, it’s been a pivotal place of fun-filled memories:

“The Point was the place to be as a youngster. I can still smell the popcorn whilst in the queue waiting to see the likes of Jurassic Park, Toy Story, While You Were Sleeping, and Space Jam. I have very fond memories spent there with friends and family.”

From pioneering entertainment to a symbol of potential, The Point remains a defining part of Milton Keynes’ story.

“Even if/when The Point is demolished, I wanted to keep the story going and share this with our local communities.”


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“We engaged Stu and On Point SEO and have not been disappointed. Stu knows his craft and is a friendly and diligent guy. Our business, Incl.usiveinc, is a start-up, so our inclination was to look abroad for the cheapest possible service. We actually found On Point SEO to be much better value as they have been available when we need them, accountable and have been excellent to work with. Highly recommended.”


“Our company reached out to Independent MK (partner of On Point SEO) on Instagram in hope they would help advertise our page, we received such a friendly response! They promoted our page on their Instagram and also included an article on their website!”

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